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  • Coffee "CoffeeFan" Custo RICCO 1kg grain
Coffee "CoffeeFan" Custo RICCO 1kg grain
  • Coffee "CoffeeFan" Custo RICCO 1kg grain

Coffee "CoffeeFan" Custo RICCO 1kg grain

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

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Blend TM «CoffeeFan» Custo RICCO - it's coffee, the perfect combination of noble varieties of Arabica and Robusta strong, impressive with its rich aroma combined with a bright taste. Coffee for people who overcome all obstacles. Legendary Colombian arabica give intense taste of strong coffee with a slightly sour taste. As a result, you have the opportunity to try the coffee at the same time very gentle and soft on the palate. Special roasting reveals the aroma of this blend. At the same time, the softness of the classic espresso does not lose the richness and fullness of flavor.

Undoubtedly, coffee, as well as any other beverage or product having its useful and harmful properties. Today, widespread instant coffee version. Of course, this is the most convenient and fastest way to prepare a beverage.

That is why his fans, for many decades, tormented by the question: the use of instant coffee, what is it? Benefits and harms of instant coffee are interested in not only ordinary citizens, but also of many scientists and researchers in the field. Conducted numerous experiments, analyzes, scientists have found only one way to use, in which the benefits of instant coffee is obvious - it is coffee with lemon.

Дело в том, что растворимый кофе по своей сути полностью химический продукт, из натуральных компонентов в котором, только название. В процессе такой обработки кофе теряет практически все свои полезные свойства, аромат и даже вкус. Что бы восполнить эти потери производители прибегают к помощи, опять же, разного рода химических добавок.

Таким образом, соотношение между пользой и вредом растворимого кофе очевидно. Польза растворимого кофе, представленного на сегодняшнем рынке напитков быстрого приготовления, весьма сомнительна, в то время как ущерб может привести к проблемам со здоровьем.

Type of coffee:Grain
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
The degree of roasting: Medium
Weight: 1 kg
Packaging:Vacuum Pack
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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